Thursday, July 30, 2015

Welcome to our Group Blog!

Welcome Cruisers! I am so excited that you have chosen to join this adventure! Now we can look forward to going somewhere warm this winter to relax and create art.  I am starting this blog and a private Facebook group for everyone in the workshop..b both artists and their non-artist partners and roommates.  Part of the fun of a trip is in the anticipation and planning. This will serve as a forum for informations and question and answers.

I invite you to sign up to receive email updates. You will receive all new posts via email. Sign up in the box on the sidebar.

I also invite you to join our private group on Facebook. This is a secret invitation only group. We had one for my Finland workshop and it was a great way to help in the planning and we now continue to post our work to the blog. I will send you an email invitation to the group.

Please feel free to post any ideas for blog topics in the comment section.

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